Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little girl growin' up

Disclaimer: For anyone who reads this and doesn't know what on earth it is, I apologize. School project.
The Softball

The softball is a symbol of my family. I am the youngest of five kids and every single one of us grew up watching my dad play softball and, at varying ages, being coached by him in the sport. Starting from when I was a little girl up through high school graduation, I played the game for competition. After high school however, it was still a passion for each of us so we continued to play. Every summer all five kids and all their spouses (as long as they are residing in Utah) play together on a co-ed slow-pitch team, coached by my dad. And every single game, my mom cheers us on from the stands as she tends the grandkids. It's become a family event that no one ever misses. No matter what else everyone has going on during the week, everyone makes it to the family softball game. This is the symbol of quality time spent together doing something we all love. It's also a symbol of the huge role my family plays in my life.
The Graduation Cap
The graduation cap is a symbol of the importance of education in my home. Both of my parents always said that one of their greatest regrets was that they never went beyond a high school diploma in their education. As we grew up, they taught us how crucial a college education was and showed us the possibilities it would open up for us in our futures. It was always assumed that each of us would graduate from college. The first four have completed that task and I am the last, bringing up the rear. My education is very important to me, especially as it means so much more than classroom knowledge. I have been able to learn life lessons through my college experiences and hope to continue to do so until graduation day in April 2011 when I'll leave the world of the student to enter the world of the teacher.

The Pyramids

The pyramids are a symbol of adventure. I've always felt that life is meant to be lived fully. We should take advantage of every chance we get to experience things we never have before, even if it requires a little bit of work. In my opinion, adventures are waiting around every corner. It's only when we get stuck in the mundane routine of every day life that we miss them. I've been stuck in the mundane before, until I realized that life gets so much more exciting with each new experience I had. It's a gift and I have to remind myself often to treat it that way.

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  1. I loved this post . . . I didn't know that you were the youngest of five and the last one who will graduate college. I guess that gives you and Annie a lot in common, right there! I enjoyed your school project about symbols that represent you. Keep on writing . . . I'll be checking back to see what's new with Angie! Love, Sandra