Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weasel Post

Weasel Post = Lame post. Okay Okay, I know you must be bored with my blogging. I'M bored with my blogging. There's just too stinkin' much going on around here to keep up with blogging about it! We have had a crazy few weeks, complete with Galilee and all its wonders (the beauty and feeling of this place alone would take an eternity to blog about), Easter week (starting with the best Palm Sunday I've ever had), floating in the Dead Sea, covering myself in stinky black mud at the Dead Sea, visiting some awesome Herodian sights, performing in a talent show, meeting some great Filipinos, going on adventures through old churches, celebrating Passover, making memories and so much more! As soon as I have time I'll tell you all about it, but that may not be until I get home (life's pretty crazy here for the next week). Would that be weird to still blog about jerusalem even after I've left? You let me know if you still want to hear about any of it. (Pretty much this applies to those of you that I won't be seeing in the few days I'm going to be home, because I'm sure I won't be shutting my mouth for those few days at all).

Wow. I can't believe that we really only have about a week left! It's so hard to think about leaving this place. I know I'm going to miss it so much. This week is going to be the ultimate way to end it though. We're studying the final week of the Savior's life and our field trips will take us to where he went in those last few days. It's definitely gonna be an experience!

Well, I better go for now. I have to go read and study for a final we have tomorrow. Much love!