Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in the Act

Well, it seems that I only update this thing every few months. Not too much going down on the homefront. I got home from Washington FINALLY and have been livin the life ever since. I got to spend a week in Lake Powell with 20 of my best friends, a weekend in St. George for a family girls' weekend (Marci reunion, high-browed Sawyer smiles, swimming, hiking, musicals, squeaky cheese, what more could a girl ask for?) and now I'm back in Provo for another semester (Only four more to go!). Since I don't have a camera I don't have any documentation of either trip. But I'm fairly certain I saw a lot of flashing camera lights so someone has pictures. When I get them, I will share them with you. This, along with many other missed opportunities that I'll never get back, has led me to a new conclusion:

I need to buy a camera.


  1. Hi Angie, I found your blog through Stefanie's and enjoyed reading back through a few posts. I so enjoyed getting to know you a little and hope that our paths will cross again. Definitely get a camera and post some photos! I just posted photos of the trip on Facebook but I haven't got around to updating the old blog yet. I hope all is well with you. Love ya, Sandra