Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Wowzas!! Well, we're finally back from the land of pyramids, sphinxes, temples, camels, and very bad hot chocolate, and let me tell you, it was MAGICAL! Okay okay, so some things weren't exactly magical, like the general cleanliness, parasitic water, interesting train food (bread bread and more bread), and the fact that just about everyone got really sick at one point or another. But as for the rest of it, WOO YEAH!! It was AWESOME!!

Okay, seriously, I was excited for Egypt before we left, but I think I definitely underestimated how fun/cool/fasincating it was going to be. Egypt outdid herself in my eyes. That may have been due in part to excellent planning by our teachers who packed more activities in a week than you could possibly imagine and let us get several glimpses into the Egyptian life (both ancient and modern). Honestly, by Sunday night when we arrived back home at the JC (and yes, it definitely felt like home) it felt like we'd been gone a month at least, and it had only been seven days. Seven VERY FULL days! I loved every single minute of it and, though it feels so nice to be home, part of me wants to go do it again right now.

So, I want to let you guys know what went down in the Land of Mystery, but it'll take me some time to get it together. So instead of doing it all at once, I'm going to split it up. A post a day about what happened each day there. That way, it won't be one HUGE novel-length post. Of course, that might just make it seven slightly smaller but still HUGE novel-length posts knowing me, but that's life! So anyways, I'm going to bed right now, but tomorrow I'll start on Day One! Goodnight!!
P.S. Yep, those are my fingers, just incase you couldn't tell from the pudge factor

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