Friday, February 6, 2009

The Egypt Chronicles: Day 2

This post is gonna be really easy.

We drove. All day.

We finally crossed into Egyptian lands and got a pretty sweet stamp in our passports and we began immediately to walk like an egyptian.

After hitting Egypt, we still had to drive for a bit to get to Cairo. Don't you worry, we found ways to entertain ourselves on the bus. It was a 7-day party. We finally got to our hotel that night, which happened to be located RIGHT BY THE PYRAMIDS! This was our very first glimpse of the pyramids. Unreal. My eyes wouldn't believe it. I kept having the feeling that I was just on the strip in Las Vegas, looking across the city at the Luxor hotel. So surreal!

Funny story: When we got to the hotel, we soon learned that all these people wanted to cater to our every need because they really want our group to come back again. So when they found out we were looking for something to do, the hotel offered to put on some "American music," and host a dance party. Well, the problem is they don't really have a room for stuff like that. So they set it up in the front lobby of the hotel. Bahaha, fifteen minutes later, you walk into the hotel and you just see 50 American kids jumping up and down and singing their hearts out. In the front lobby! It was SO funny. All these Asian tourists (Alisa, I think one of them said he was your cousin) congregated in the front doorway of the hotel, and just stared at us. Eventually, they whipped out their cameras and were taking pictures up the wazoo. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a video on youtube of American kids going crazy in Egypt. But the management of the hotel was right there being entertained right along with them, so I guess it was okay.


  1. Wow, that's amazing. Haha it seems like at every hotel they know that we Americans love our dance parties :)