Friday, February 5, 2010


Good news everyone! I'm pretty sure I chose the right career! (Awesome, right? Since I've been out of high school for seven years).

I decided a while back that I wanted to be a history teacher, and I've been super excited about teaching junior high aged kids. But every once in awhile I get a little freaked out. Am I really gonna be able to control 30-40 kids? Am I creative enough to come up with fun lesson plans? Do I even know enough about the subject material? Although I know I love history, these questions sometimes haunt my dreams.

Well, in one of my classes this semester, we've had the chance to teach a number of times, including an elementary school, a charter school, and to our fellow classmates. But today, my friends, was a big day. Today I taught a junior high class for the first time. And seriously, it was the funnest 45 minutes of my week.

And that leads me to believe that I chose the right career.

And that is a very good feeling.


  1. History teacher... that is perfecto!

  2. It think you picked the perfect age group. You are so fun and inspiring, they're going to love you!!

  3. Angie! Hows it going? I cant believe all the fun adventures you have been on. I am jealous, and I think you would be a great teacher.