Tuesday, August 16, 2011

simple bliss

After work today, Robbie came up to Murray and I took him to O Falafel to give him a little taste of Jerusalem because I still miss it so much sometimes it hurts. He loved it (or so he tells me). Win.

We then headed over to Sugarhouse park and laid in the grass during the golden hour listening to a gospel choir perform, talking, laughing, lovin, and havin our "souls marinate in spirituality." Heaven. Mondays in the Park are my new favorite thing.

We finished out the night with Arctic Circle shakes and the Adjustment Bureau. Before watching I warned him he better not fall asleep because we have been waiting a long time to see this movie! Well shortly after my warning that an unspeakable evil will be unleashed if he were to doze, I fell asleep, of course. Story of my life. And he didn't even rub it in my face. What a gem. What a day.

So simple, but SO good. I love my life.


  1. Wait.... there is a falafel place in Utah????? And I've been making my own all this time! I was also very excited to discover that my favorite boy is a big fan of falafel, because sharing a bit of Jerusalem is the best ever.

  2. Hi...this is Sora Beck from the mission. I found your blog, and it's wonderful, and I miss you! I am so glad to see that you are doing so well. You are fantastic.

    Heather Jolley (Sora Beck)