Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So...life is still really awesome but....


I can't take it anymore. Seven more days and I feel like I am losing steam exponentially each day. And what stinks about that is that these classes are not just typical, 500-people, freshman level classes that I don't care about. These classes are important! They are supposed to be training me to become a teacher. But because I have lost momentum and am beginning to feel like I am failing at school, I am beginning to feel like I will fail at teaching too. I know this sounds really dramatic and I'm sure they are not inseparably linked, but I really need to find my chi. Because if you fail at a "teaching class," isn't that a bad sign for when you actually start teaching?

There is hope. I will endure. I will find a way.


  1. angie, as we've sort of already facebook-discussed, I feel the exact same way. Doing poorly in school is one thing, but doing poorly in the classes that so strongly represent your future ... UGH. how miserable. I guess it's just time to step it up?

  2. No, Angie. Teaching classes have no bearing on reality. You will be just fine. Love you! Hope you'll be teaching in Saratoga Springs next year :)

  3. school and real life are two very different things. you are going to be an amazing teacher. And I think its perfectly understandable that you are totally burned out of school. Just rally for exams and do your absolute best- and then celebrate :) And come and see me!!!!

  4. I don't know Jen or Ashley but I have to say that I agree with them completely. Don't attach too much meaning to the fact that you've hit academic burn-out . . . I don't care what the classes are, burn-out is burn-out! Just get through the rest of the semester, have a nice refreshing rest, then pull yourself up by the bra straps and get back to it! Congratulations on being completely average! Love, Sandra

  5. Angie!! I didn't know you have a blog...awesome! Hang in there...it will go by fast. I totally know what you're saying about those bad moments of teaching (your earlier post). Just remember that the crazy teenagers we work with are driven by "what is cool" and have the constant need to "be entertained by something all the time to pay attention." I'm sure they love you and will learn a ton from you...they just sometimes like to give us attitude. : ) Also...I didn't know you are in DC! I have a close friend out there that lives in Arlington and works on capital hill. She randomly decided to move out there...you guys should get together! : )