Wednesday, November 10, 2010


4:38pm - Arrive at library to finish last 12 pages of paper

7:45pm - Take dinner break and buy 3 cookies to get through the long night

10:10pm - Start getting sleepy from lack of previous night's sleep.

10:15pm - Lay head down on arm and fall asleep for 15 minutes.

10:30pm - Wake up from arm-sleep, work a teeny, go down aisle to find book

10:40pm - While flipping through book, get sleepy again

10:45pm - Lay down IN THE AISLE and fall asleep because you're shameless and have no control. This time it's 40 minutes

11:25pm - Get woken up by the vacuum guy. Stand up awkwardly and pretend like you weren't sleeping even though you both know you were. Go back to table.

11:30pm - Get sleepy again and succumb to arm-sleep once more.

11:40pm - Wake up from arm-sleep and decide maybe it's time to walk home.

11:55pm - Arrive home and spend all night on the couch in and out of sleep while writing said paper.

I think maybe I have a problem...

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